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Introducing the new art title plaque and name plate accessories for your canvas art collection. Designed specifically for the artwork by ozzyoz da vyrus, each plaque allows you to showcase the hidden numbers in each piece, revealing the order of creation.


Now you can display the creative titles of each artwork, giving your collection a museum-like feel. Made with high-quality materials, these plaques add a touch of sophistication to your art display.


Elevate your ozzyoz da vyrus collection with these stylish and functional accessories.

L.S.D Collection Name Plate Plaques 019-024

  • Each plaque is designed to perfectly match the title and number of your art piece, ensuring a cohesive and professional look. Please make sure to double check and ensure that the title and number of your art piece matches the plaque you are purchasing

  • There are no refunds on final sale items. However, exchanges will be accepted for any mismatched orders. Add the finishing touch to your gallery wall with our art title plaque and elevate the display of your beautiful L.S.D Art.

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